And so the second half begins

Hello dear friends. I hate to start off with an apology but I need to say that I’ve been way too quiet. It’s been nearly half a year and I’ve not been too active on my blog. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t active or didn’t focus, far from it. I am a lot more active on Twitter so if you want blow by blow updates that’s probably the best place to get in on the action. The things I learnt the last few months have made me feel like a ship, rising and falling in stormy waters. Wait, that sounds a little more gloomy than I intended, but still conveys the feeling of the roller-coaster ride that it is.

As it stands I have 2 games on the Apple App store and although I have been working hard on my latest [still unannounced] game, I’ve been busiest getting some form of a foothold in social media and some form of grasp on the murky waters that is advertising. I’ve also been following the FIFA World Cup, which is drawing to an end and that means it’s 4 more years before we see it again. Unless you support Germany or Argentina I suppose there isn’t much left in it for you, but I’m impartial because the South African side didn’t make the cut to begin with. So it is with very little fanfare that I can say I feel that Germany will take it and I’ll care very little if they don’t. Here’s to hoping it’s at least a spectacle, right?

So why the sport analogy? Well, with sport it is important to finish well. Sometimes when you finish well you can even make up for a poor start. But, there is absolutely no use starting off with a bang and fading in the end. Also, it is as much about the training before the game and the post match work as the actual match itself. I learnt a lot about that in the last few months in terms of game development too.

If you recall from The Challenge I made a game called Stray Cat. I thought getting it onto the App store would be the hard work; how wrong was I. Look, I always expected that it wouldn’t be that easy, but I never thought it would be this much work. Anyway, the point is, there is a lot more to making games than being creative, a lot more. While I’ve not nailed it yet, in fact far from it, I do have some ideas with what doesn’t work or at the very least hasn’t worked yet.

It’s quite a lot of information and I don’t want it to get lost in translation so I’m spending some time on the posts, so come back in a day or so and you’ll get to continue the experience with me.

I’ve also learnt that my day job expects me to blog and communicate with peers regarding my area(s) of expertise, so you’ll start seeing some of that come through as well.

As for now, I need to get more coffee.